Stake Holders

Stake Holders

Financial Institutions

As they are known to be operating in a heavily regulated environment as a critical part of countries economies; they serve as an economic growth derivative for KUL, across project levels.


Empanelment of quality vendors has been the objective of KUL and building equity among them our motto.


Contractors are considered as the Pillars of KUL, finding and evaluating credible contractors assists in the inclined growth for us.


The Clients, our direct or indirect consumers come from different walks of life. In Pune, they are widely from all across India but predominantly the Local Maharasthrian. Our Clients exist, so do We!


The consultants have been our internal advisor and growth partners across different level of operational domain. We take intense consideration in their rational Opinion to bring out the radical in all our activities.

Pre-leased Investment Opportunities

- Rental Offices
- Schools
- Mall
- Hospital
- Retails / Shops
- Restaurants